Magicshine® RN 1200 Bike Headlight

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The Magicshine RN 1200 is an all-in-one design bike headlight with multiple safety features for road and city riders, with a mountain output of up to 1200 lumens.

1200 lumens maximum verified output
146m maximum beam distance, 5400CD beam intensity
Anti-glare lenses for oncoming traffic
Durable Aluminum Housing
Side lighting improves side visibility
100% – 50% – 25% brightness mode and 2 flash modes
4000mAh capacity integrated battery
Type-C fast charge and reverse charge your USB devices
Weight 172g
IPX7 waterproof grade
Garmin handlebar mount, Garmin Gopro adapter included by default
Supports up to 15W fast charging (5V/3A)

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Weight 15 oz
Max Power



Luminus SST-40

Max output

1200 lumen verified

Operation temperature

-20 to 40 Celcius

Operating voltage


Power modes and runtime

Low 300lm 6.5hrs
Med 600lm 3hrs
High: 1200lm 1.5hrs
Flash1: 0 – 600lm 7hrs
Flash2: 0 – 900lm 5hrs


3.6V 4000mAh non-replaceable

Charging power and time

2.5 hrs (5V 3A)
max 15W (5V/3A)

Waterproof rating




Net weight

172g (6 oz)

21 reviews for Magicshine® RN 1200 Bike Headlight

  1. Suzanne D.

    Powerful light – solid construction – fantastic holder device – same mount as Garmin snap on mount.

  2. Jonathan

    Just got it but it’s very sturdy, very bright. Charge while shine works, using out front Garmin mount. I’ll come back and update if I have problems but pretty shocked at the quality level being so high at this price. My other light is a 1800 lumen Serfas, this seems better built, that light was $400.

  3. Buy it.

    This bicycle light did not disappoint what so ever. It works great, well worth the money so don’t cheap out on those 30 dollar ones.

  4. Ari partinen

    Very good value for money. Light seems ~as bright as advertized and battery life is great.

  5. Siyal Celik

    This is one of the most impressive, quality, and bright bike lights I have ever seen. The light definitely looks and feels premium. I will use the example I use for quality products. If Apple was to make a bike light it would probably look something like this. This light, in my eyes, is that much quality and beautiful. Most importantly, it is very very bright. The light beam is very powerful but does not have edges. It is more like spread out. This is something to consider if you like light beams with clear edges.

    You can use all the functions of the light with a single button. With a double click, you switch between normal mode and flash mode, and with a single click, you can try different brightness levels in normal mode and different flash modes in flash mode.

    Please see the video and the photos below to get a better idea of this light. I like this light very much and would recommend it.

  6. HeyThereHello

    One of the best lights out there, only complain it can run a tad hot, other than that other companies charge twice as much for.

  7. Laura Kelly

    Got a few different lights to compare and this was the winner. I think it might even be brighter than the advertised lumen rating. I like that it can be used as a charging bank in an emergency and is fast charge compatible.

  8. Alex

    Super bright and love the different modes. Definitely consistent with all other Magicshine products I have. Happy to see the type c port.

  9. brotherj4mes

    -Outstanding light
    -Garmin mount
    -Can be used as a power bank.

    I find that the middle brightness setting (800 Lumens) is perfect for single track. I use the handlebar mount and I don’t think I get that much increased visibility with the full 1200 Lumens. I also ride with a small 250 Lumen (Petzl) headlamp strapped to my helmet which is a perfect combo (and a good backup).

    I took a good crash with my magicshine and it did brake the piece that connects to the garmin mount. Luckily the design is well thought out and this piece can be easily replaced. (Not a scratch on the actual light itself). I contacted Magicshine and they shipped me a new part fairly quick at no cost.

    Highly recommend this light for combination of cost, performance, features and great customer service.

  10. Alice M Ruiz

    Brightest mode lasts over an hour. Other modes last way longer. Stays secure on mount and doesn’t rattle. Durability is awesome.

  11. D-M-R

    This Magicshine bike light is really bright! There are 3 power modes 300 – 600 – 1200 lumens. The beam is widespread, not a pinpoint light, so I’m able to see the entire trail, or into the ditch if I’m on the road. It helped me see my way home when I got delayed due to a flat.

    I’ve mostly used this light on the trails, but I like that it has, as they put it, “Verticle cut off point for road cyclists where the beam softens to avoid blinding oncoming motorists.”

    The light also acts as a power bank to charge my cell or other devices. I admit that I haven’t fully tested that part yet, but will update my review as needed.

    Overall, nice bright light with a sturdy mount and it also functions as a power bank to charge my cell or other devices! Nice!

    If for any reason my opinion changes, I will update my review.

  12. Abdul Jamali (verified owner)

    I have been running this light for over a month and it’s really awesome. The battery life is really good, I love the USB Type C charging. I have one on my handlebar and one on my helmet, this setup allows me to see far enough ahead that I can keep high speed without worry. Build quality is great. I do nite riding on my mountain bike also, and this bike does the job. The included GoPro mount is a bonus and makes this light easy to mount on helmet. I do recommend this light, and I would buy again.

  13. RD Lee (verified owner)

    Outstandingly bright. I usually ride with it on medium brightness. I also use low brightness sometimes.
    Mounting system is good. It’s secure. I like the way it quickly twists on and off.
    Battery life is good. I’ve never used it long enough to run it down, but it probably lasts a long time.
    It’s solidly constructed. Looks like it will last a long time.
    It’s cool that it only has one (non-removable) li-ion battery inside.

  14. cameron

    Superb brightness. Good runtime.

  15. vitc

    This bike light is the best combination of features for a flashlight, and to my opinion is one of the best on the market. It is very bright, especially for its size. Single body design makes it very compact. Gamin mount allows to mount and unmount in a second, and reuse the same handlebar mount for other purposes. For example, during day rides I replace it with a smartphone. Combination of Garmin mount and compact size also makes it so easy to recharge. USB Type C connector is another pro of this light. It is much more reliable than Micro-USB, provides faster charging and lets me reuse my smartphone chargers to charge the light. Reverse charging is also helpful. My kid sometimes forgets to charge his smartphone before going to a ride, so he can grab the light and use it as a powerbank while riding. I cannot really come up with a downside. It is an excellent product and I definitely recommend it.

  16. John Reyna

    Love the light! Got it for my wife and I wish I could give her my old light and take this one!!

  17. JL

    The battery on this light lasts forever. Output is excellent for the road, and it works great as a helmet light for mountain biking.

  18. Corndog

    This light is pretty nice and gets really bright. The cutoff doesn’t seem to be pronounced enough, as it still does produce quite a bit of glare. Still, it’s better than standard lights without one. Battery life is good and I have never run out of light on my rides, but I do mostly use it on ‘low’, occasionally bumping it up ‘medium’ when there are no lamps around.

    Build quality of the main light is nice. The main tube is a heavy and robust feeling. I like that the tube can be twisted to keep the cut-off line on top – great for handlebars that slope.

    One gripe I do have is that the attaching bracket requires an Allen to put on/take off/adjust. It would have been nice to use a standard design where no tool is required.

    Also, I would like the light to be able to swivel from side to side, but turning the main tube only takes it off the mounting bracket. Some handlebars I have are too thick for the light to be installed in the center, so I have to move it out to the side a bit. This leaves the beam off to the side – not ideal.

  19. Eduardo Martinez de la Garza

    Me encanta esta linterna, alumbra muy bien y no falla con la vibracion

  20. Michael Sanders

    This is the best front bike light I’ve found on the market: super bright (even on lower settings), securely mounted but easy to take off when walking away from bike, and supports fast charging with USB-C. I keep it on the middle setting at 600 lumens, which is more than bright enough and increases the battery life significantly.

    I wouldn’t recommend using it at full brightness on the road, which is about the same brightness as a high-beam car headlight, but it’s worth getting the higher-capacity model for the larger battery.

  21. Sully (verified owner)

    This light is much brighter than my other lights with an external battery. It also has many different brightness setting to let you get the light when you need it or save it for a long ride. I love this light. It is also small enough that you can carry two and be charging one while using the other… did I mention it is usb c so it charges quick and I can use it as a power bank for your phone.

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