Magicshine MJ-908 MTB Bike Light Review

                                                                                 Magicshine MJ-908 Bike Light Combo MTBmountain bike light MJ-908I heard on many occasions how some lights are just too much for the normal rider. Most riders are of the opinion that a more powerful light means more weight to carry, a big, clunky, light to add to your bike, and far more light than any rider would ever need. Those assumptions couldn’t be farther from the truth with the MJ-908 remote controlled, front and tail light combo set from Magicshine. This light offers an amazing 8,000 lumen output from the handle bar mounted front light! Although the amount of light output is quite impressive and one of, if not the brightest light on the market, many riders really enjoy the ease of operation with the remote control and the power packed battery set up. Adjusting to a remote light control comes quite quickly to most riders making the transition to the Magicshine light a breeze.

In the Box

Mtb bike light  enduro bike lighttrail riding bike light

Out of the Box

MJ-908 bike front light mj-908 bike front light MJ-908 bike headlight MJ-908 bike light set

When unpacked, the setup includes the front light with handlebar mount, the battery with Velcro mounting straps, the tail lamp with seat post mounting grommet, the “Y” adapter connection cable to get power to both light, and the wireless remote to control both lights and mounting grommet are included, as well as the charger. The battery has 2 smooth silicon mounting pads to protect the finish of your bike plus 2 mounting straps that hold everything secure. The battery also has an additional tie all strap to secure any excess cable between lights, so you can mount everything nice and neat to stay out of the way while riding. I found the whole assembly very well thought out and effective.

Mount, Adapters, and Setup

Mj-900 bike light mountain riding bike light wireless remote


The handlebar mount for the front light is as simple as adjusting a belt. The silicon adjustable strap allows for the light to be securely mounted to any common size handlebars up to 35mm in diameter. The grommet for the remote is also very simple to attach and has two options to hold it in place.



Battery Mounting
bike light battery packMJ-908 battery pack

Battery pack secured and “Y” cable in place for a very clean installation.


The battery is very simple to install. Magicshine recommends mounting on the top tube or down tube, but any available location that a rider prefers should work well. Some experimentation may be necessary in order to find the best location for your bike in order to place the cables and connections in optimum locations. The battery stays very secure during rides with very little to no shifting while riding.

Mj-908 battery pack y cable

























The battery pack is a 6×18650 Li-ion High Capacity Battery Pack


The battery pack consists of 6 Lithium Ion batteries at 7.47V, 7.8AH with runtime at 100% stated to be 3 hours. Testing run times have consistently outperformed the 3 hour advertised time significantly. The battery recharges at a similar rate and takes 3-4 hours to achieve full charge. Battery life is stated by Magicshine to be 500 charge cycles. The battery is also waterproof rated to IPX4, so riding in the rain should not be an issue.


System Performance, Operational Modes, and Feedback

bike light set

This system is bright from beginning to end

908 bike light set

Riding with this light at 100% is something all riders should experience

908 rear tail light

Riders are sure to be seen from the front and the rear when riding with the MJ-908

908 front light 908 rear light














Front Light 185 grams                            Rear Light 25 grams

6106 battery weight908 system weight














Battery Pack 340 grams                            System Weight 565 grams


Preconceived notions regarding using high powered light systems as a normal rider will all but vanish after using this system. Not only is the system amazingly powerful, but is super simple to install and use. Combine the high level of performance, ease of use, and the long battery life, the MJ-908 is clearly a force to be reckoned with on the trail. With this system, even normal riders are armed with enough power to ride deep into a dark forest and have the security of knowing they will be able to see their way out of the forest.

The ability to use the wireless remote to change lights settings is comforting for any rider. Being able to keep both hands on the bar while riding in the dark is usually a good idea and safe practice. This system allows a rider to make adjustments with both hands where they need to be. The front light offers a Low, Medium, High, Extra High and Flashing modes. The rear light also offers 3 Flashing Variation Modes and a Solid Mode. The ability to change via remote is a truly great feature of this setup.

Another great feature is the front light display that tells the rider which particular light setting is being used, how much battery life is left from a bar indicator, battery percentage, and then will switch to a time left display. The rider is very well informed from the light display so as to know exactly what the power status is while using the light system. (See below images)

mountain bike light mountain bike light















  • Operating level displayed by half circle in top left
  • Battery level bar indication top right
  • 34%battery life in left photo
  • 29 minutes of battery life in right photo

Riding with the MJ-908 is a great way to enjoy riding at night, or just increasing your visibility off road in a major way. The benefits to MTB riders and the superb performance of the system make it probably the best LED Light system value on the market today. Priced at $239.99 MSRP, every rider can afford to ride with an incredible light system.

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