Magicshine MJ-906 MTB Bike Light Set

Magicshine MJ-906 Bike Light Combo MTB

I share a similar sentiment as many consumers in that I do not always want to spend extra to have the top of the line product in the market, nor do I want to settle for the least expensive and generally lower performing product. In reviewing Magicshine’s MJ 906 Bike Light Combo MTB, I was no less than astonished at the performance and value offered with this system. The light head is pretty small as compared to other more powerful lights, but still delivers 5,000 lumens of light power! The whole system is light weight, especially when you consider the power that is delivered and the length of the runtimes with this unit. The MJ 906 Bike Light Combo is a full lighting system with the front handlebar mount light, taillight, battery pack, and a wireless remote that also mounts on the handlebar. I found the system to be very intuitive and easy to install and operate.


In the Box


Out of the Box















When you take the MJ 906 Bike Light Combo System out of the packaging, it is pretty impressive. First of all, the packaging is top notch with a very nice carrying and storage case with laser cut foam so everything has its place. The zipper closure is also a nice touch to keep things secure when not in use. The System comes with the front light and handlebar mounting grommet, tail light and mounting grommet, wireless remote also with a mounting grommet, the battery pack with two hook and loop mounting straps, a “Y” cable to power both lights, and a battery charger. The system is very well engineered and very inuitive to install. You could probably install it without referring to the instructions, but I recommend that you read the instructions to make sure no necessary details are overlooked.

Mount, Adapters, and Setup















The handlebar mount for the front light and the wireless remote control are very simple to install. It’s as easy as running the grommet from the front mount hook to the rear mount hook. Both can be monted in a matter of minutes. The mounting grommets have two mounting options that will fit most common size handlebars up to 35mm. Determining which is best for your bike is super simple and easy to decide which fit is best.


Battery Mounting














The battery pack is very easy to install. The battery can be mounted in any location that is preffered by the rider, but Magicshine recommends the top tube, or the down tube for most applications. You may want to try a few different locations to determine the location that works best for your bike and particular setup. This process will also help you identify the best locations for your cables to minimize any cable excess and ensure a neat and tidy installation on your bike. The hook and loop mounting straps for the battery do a really good job of keeping the battery pack secure during rides with very little to no movement or shifting of the battery unit.

The battery is a 7.4V, 7.8AH pack with a runtime of 3.6 hours at full power and 7 hours in flashing mode. Testing runtimes have outperformed the stated 3.6 hour times, so I would assume these are conservative estimates that may vary depending on use and conditions. I was very impressed with the battery performance of this system. The battery is also rated to IPX4 for waterproof capabilities, so riding in the damp or even wet conditions should not be a problem for most recreational riders.


System Performance, Operational Modes, and Feedback

This small light with 5,000 Lumens is really bright!
The field of vision from the rider’s seat is incredible with this light!
The MJ-906 will make sure others see you from the front and rear while riding!
Front Light 100 grams
Rear Light 25 grams
Battery Pack 340 grams
Complete System 515 grams


For me and the many others that are reluctant to spend the money for the top of the line, but still want more than the least expensive products have to offer, we finally have a solid option in the Bicycle Light Category! Magicshine’s MJ-906 Bike Light Combo is one high performing and seriously amazing unit at an extremely reasonable price of $159.99. I have seen many other lights in the market that can’t compare with the performance that the MJ-906 delivers and at much higher price points. Magicshine certainly got it right with this system in offering the rider superior performance at a very reasonable price. The value alone is reason enough for me to recommend to purchase this product, but add the ease of use of the system, and the wireless remote feature, I can’t think of a single reason that would give me any hesitation in purchasing this light set up for my bike. I cannot say enough about the level of detail in this product and how well engineered it is compared to other similar products available in the market. For perforamcne, value and usability for recreational to hard core cyclists, I give the Magicshine MJ-906 my highest recommendation. You will simply be amazed once you have an opportunity to use one of these systems! Another great light product from our friends at Magicshine!

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