Magicshine MJ-902 Road / MTB Bike Light Set

Magicshine MJ-902

Bike Light Combo, MTB & Road Cycling

bike light set

Some bicycle lights are mega powerful, others are just not bright enough, and then there is the MJ-902 which is just right for a normal casual rider. The MJ-902 has great performance and while not loaded with over the top features, the light is very intuitive and east to use. The power of the headlamp is an impressive 2,000 lumens and when paired with the superbly performing tail light, wireless remote control for both ends of the light system, it is a really terrific addition to your bicycle.


In the Box

bike light set

Out of the Box

light bike

Once unboxed, the MJ-902 system includes the front light, the tail light, wireless remote, battery with 2 mounting straps, “Y” adapter connection cable and simple “Y” adapter, mounting grommets for the lights and remote, and a battery charger. The battery has 2 very nice, smooth mounting pads on the frame side to protect the finish of your bike and the mounting straps are very simple to use to secure the battery. Mounting the complete system should take even the most novice installer just a few minutes to mount.








The mount for the front light is a very easy to install grommet that attaches to the front of the mounting bracket on the bottom of the light and simple wraps around the handlebars. There are to secondary attachment points for either larger or smaller handle bar sizes. Size choice is very intuitive based on the fit of the grommet to your bike.

The remote control grommet is the same design and works in the same manner as the mount for the light with two adjustment options depending on handle bar size.



Battery Mounting







Mounting the battery is very simple. Once you determine the location of the battery, just wrap the mounting straps around the frame and secure with the hook and loop side of the straps. You may need to do some minor experimenting to find your optimum location on your bike to get things mounted for maximum comfort and to ensure cable placements do not interfere during your ride. The mounting straps work very well to keep the battery secure, with very little shifting or movement during your ride. Follow up adjustments can always be made to ensure you find the location that works best for your riding style.

The MJ-902 come standard with a 7.4V, 5.2Ah battery. The battery indicator on the light will turn red when the battery drops below 30% power. This is the only color indication for this light model, but still very effective in alerting the rider of charging needs before running completely out of power.  The battery will run 3.1 hours at 100% power usage (high), 4.5 hours at 50% power (medium), and an amazing 12.3 hours at the (low) 30% setting.


System Performance, Operational Modes, and Feedback

This system is bright and top of the line from the moment you mount it to your bicycle!

This system will deliver the highest performance at this level and price!

Front Light 65 grams
Rear Light 25 grams
Battery Pack 270 grams






System Weight 380 grams








Notions that having the most powerful light is best, is not accurate when it come to the MJ-902. This system absolutely out performs and is more than adequate to handle any riding demand from the typical rider that rides with family, as exercise, or just for fun. This system will make sure the rider is seen and can see in neighborhoods, on cycling trails, bike paths, or commuting to the local grocery. This system has all of the performance necessary without going overboard.

Runtimes are simply phenomenal and are in most respects unmatched by any competing branded lights. Multiple operational levels and modes for both the front and rear lights are nothing less than amazing, with the wireless remote and battery life warning indication, this light is perfect for any casual or recreational rider or children that we want to make sure are visible.

This is a simple system, but there was absolutely no sacrifice in performance to make a system so well versed, functional, or effective for riders. The $119.99 retail price certainly seals the deal by making this one of if not “the” best value in the market for the casual rider/commuter. If you are in the market for a top performing safety enhancement, but don’t want to break the bank, this is the system for you.

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