Magicshine in Eurobike show 2017

August 30, 2017, the 24th European International Bicycle Show opened in no less than epic fashion in the German city of Friedrichshafen, Magicshine unveiled its newest 2017 lines of products.

European International Bicycle Show (EUROBIKE) is the world’s largest, most comprehensive and arguably the most important bike trade exhibition. EUROBIKE represents the cutting edge the bicycle industry, the latest products, techs, trends and concepts all vying for attention among the world’s highest level bicycle enthusiasts, professional cyclists as well as general public.


Magicshine- European International Bicycle Show(EUROBIKE)

Industry leading lighting experts Magicshine’s very attractive booth

Magicshine introducing the company’s latest products and technology

Magicshine’s sales with a very happy B2B customer

Magicshine’s latest product line attracts many a cycling enthusiast

Brand new Monteer 1400 pro grade bicycle headlight, highly rated during the show

All metallic shell USB all-in-one design, high quality dual LED light source, highest output:1400 lumens, powered by 2×18650 Li-ion cells. Max runtime: 6.5 hours.

Dual battery container design, workable with one cell(Single LED) or two(both LEDs). Compatible with most mainstream 18650 Li-ion cells and is ideally designed for long distance non-stop illumination.

The Latest Bluetooth Smart lights, brightness and lighting mode can be intelligently adjusted and saved, testament of Magicshine’s innovative capabilities.MJ900B

This line of bicycle light is accessible through Bluetooth via your mobile device, brightness and lighting modes can be grouped into scenes and saved for fast switching depending on riding environments.

SEEMEE 60, unveiled to the world for the first time, with its built in brake sensor, attracted many avid urban cyclists.

SEEMEE 60 is built with the latest tech brake and vibration sensor, during a braking motion, lights will intensify and flash in quick succession to warn fellow travelers and motorists.

Allty 500 is a multi purpose, USB all-in-one design cycling light. Side visibility and rear warning feature gives it a unique place among the already quite populated bike light scene.

Allty 500 is a super light weight and portable lamp, you can mount it anywhere and wouldn’t feel a thing. Allty 500 also supports Garmin base mounting, suitable not only for your bike handlebars and helmets, but anywhere else where the mounting is supported.

Magicshine released among its new products, bike front lights, taillights, helmets and Allty SA which is in line with German cycling regulations and many more popular and competitive products during Eurobike show, Magicshine is showing the world its highly capable R&D potential and brand strength.

Magicshine with its pro grade products, innovative design, stood next to 46300 cycling enthusiasts from 111 countries, witnessed the latest concepts and trends in forefront of the outdoor lighting industry. This is an era where we are going back to loving the outdoors and as a result, accompanying products and services have been growing at a tremendous pace, Magicshine is glad to be among them, providing with our expertise and attention to detail, emphasis on quality, the best products we possibly can to enhance our customers’ outdoor experience. And in doing so, become the world’s leading outdoor sports lighting brand.

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