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Magicshine cares about your safety

Recently during the 2016 Summer Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, MagicShine had a very special visitor to our booth. A young gentleman that was wheelchair bound and his mother were looking at our bicycle lights when they began to tell the story of how the young man had been hit by an automobile while crossing the street in his wheelchair at night. He was not seriously injured, but was quite traumatized by the experience. The young man’s mother explained that he was interested in purchasing a light that he could mount on his wheelchair to help him be easier to see at night. The young gentleman’s mother told this story to Rosalyhn and Parrish both from Magic Shine. The story was also shared with Mr. Li, the owner of MagicShine, who immediately insisted that MagicShine install both a front and rear light on the wheelchair at no charge to the young man. The Eagle 700 headlamp with power indicator was installed on the front and the MS-622 rear light was installed on the back of his wheelchair. The powerful Eagle 700 and MS-622 are sure to make the wheelchair visible while traveling at night and greatly reduce his risk of being stricken by another automobile.
The team at MagicShine was pleased to be able to help increase the level of safety for this young man. It is the attitude of MagicShine that our purpose is to make people safer while they ride bicycles at night, or if they are traveling by wheel chair. MagicShine cares about your safety!


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