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Here is a review of the 2000 lumen light from Magicshine which is ready for night riding on the trail and commuting. It is bright enough for true mountain bike riding and it is extremely bright with very visible flash modes for commuting. Original article link: https://reviews.mtbr.com/magicshine-allty-2000-bike-light-review

As noted in the video above, the Magicshine ALLTY 2000 is an interesting light loaded with features and in a very small package claiming 2000 lumens. It features 3 LED emitters with an OLED display and a removable battery. A sleek mounting system is included too in a package weighing in at only 183 grams and a retail price of $149.

The most important part of a light is the quality of the beam pattern and the Magicshine unit addresses this with 3 LEDs, each serving a different purpose. A light array takes care of ‘to be seen’ duties, featuring a 15 hour runtime and side visibility. A wide and a spot LED are employed as well to provide different modes to address different riding situations. And when maximum brightness is required, such as in high-speed trail riding, all three lights work together in concert.

The light is incredibly bright, especially when all three LEDs are used. And it’s such a wide, consistent beam pattern that it is very easy to see with on the road or on the trail. One can see the obstacles clearly and the edges of the trail and the beam reaches very far in the brightest mode, allowing one to ride at high speed without outrunning the beam.

The OLED display is very handy as well. It provides many functions in a compact display.

  • displays the current battery level when turned on
  • displays the battery level during charging
  • displays the light mode selected
  • calculates the remaining run time based on battery level and mode selected

The battery unit is removable and field-replaceable on the ALLTY 2000. This allows modular and expandable run time as the rider can carry extra battery units for longer rides. For safety though, the battery unit is sealed and the rider cannot use bare lithium-ion cells. This drives up the price a bit but $43 for a spare 3500mah battery unit is quite reasonable. And since the battery unit includes the charging circuit, an extra battery can be charged outside of the light allowing faster charging of multiple batteries.


  • 55 lumen Daytime Running Light, an always-on built-in safety LED for day or night.
  • 2000 lumens max of verified output from 2x CREE XP-L V6 LED
  • Flood – Spot – Full beam patterns
  • 100 – 50 – 25% Flash and Strobe power modes
  • 1-hour runtime on full brightness, full-beam mode
  • All in one integrated design, 183 g in weight
  • OLED power and beam mode indicator
  • Garmin type mount

Bottom Line:

We love everything about this light including usability, ergonomics, flexibility, and beam brightness and pattern. It does get hot at the highest level so the rider should use that when descending only ensure good airflow and minimize energy lost to heat. But the light protects itself by tuning down when it gets hot and turning back up when airflow is available.

It’s a great light option and there are other less expensive options in the ALLTY line of Magicshine light that share the same features.

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